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This is where I've thrown random, poorly taken digital photographs where they're all somewhat available. If you feel like the pictures are taking a long time to download, it's just you. That's because Houda.org is now hosted online by IXWebhosting. It should still remind you why you hated the Internet in the first place - useless sites like this. Some of the pictures may have been lifted from others' personal sites without consent. I accept no responsibility for anything I may or may not have done during the taking of these pictures

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Boston Harbor Photos

A couple random pictures of Boston Harbor taken from Mysterious Waves.

Cabo San Lucas 2005

The best vacation ever. Bo and Kim Milburn's destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas, February 2005.

Dave Winton Memorial Golf Tournament 2005

A few action shots from the Dave Winton Memorial Golf Tournament in Avon, CT, August 2005.